One Number. Infinite Possibilities.

What is VoxCentral?

Imagine...One number, One voicemail and freedom to save.

Imagine a voice system that you have complete control over. No more missed calls at home, at the office or multiple voicemail boxes to check. Instead, you will have a secure mobile voice system that can be extended to any device you wish, without ever missing a call or changing your number.

VoxCentral is a centralized telephone service that follows you wherever you go, reaches you however you choose and provides the ability to connect in multiple ways; to save on long-distance, international and even local calls - at any time of the day.

Your VoxNumber

Put simply, a VoxNumber is one number you give out to everyone and have the incoming calls reach you however you choose - Your cell, home, the office or ring on all at the same time. When people want to reach you there's no need to decide which number to call you at, they simply call your VoxNumber, once.

Home or Business Phone

With VoxCentral, you connect your home or business "desk" telephone to your high speed Internet connection using a digital telephone adapter we provide you. Learn more...

Voicemail From The Heavens

VoxCentral's Unified Voicemail solution allows you to use a single voicemail box for your home or business. Send those voicemail's to your email, listen to them via the web, on your smartphone or call in. Oh...and keep as many as you like, your mailbox will never be full.