One Number. Infinite Possibilities.

Reaches you on your home, your cell or all your phones at once.
Always on. Never miss a call.

  • One number...forever
  • Unlimited voicemail storage
  • Centralized voicemail
  • Attach existing mobile phone
  • Transfer an existing number
  • Online Control Panel
  • Time of day call routing
  • Unlimited Incoming calls
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Online 24hrs a day...
Your control. Your choice.

  • View Placed & Received calls
  • View your call statistics
  • Listen to or download voicemail
  • View, Add or Change Contacts
  • Control where your VoxNumber reaches you
  • Add callers to call blocking and more!
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Put Your Small Office to Work.. Cutting costs!

VoxCentral is the perfect small-mobile office phone service. Packed with Big-Biz features and priced for the cost-conscious entrepreneur.

  • Make calls from wherever you are - the anytime and anyday kind.
  • Local and long distance calling...unlimited to 60+ Countries!
  • Walk out the door and be confident to never miss that call.
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Save Your Money
  • Completely Portable

    One VoxNumber and voicemail that follows you wherever you go no matter where you live or move to.

  • Absolutely Professional

    You work hard on your image, you can't afford to look unprofessional. Never be "Unavailable" again.

  • Infinitely Scalable

    An Enterprise-grade phone system that grows with you, for a low and predictable monthly cost.

Back to the drawing board with telecom...

While the thought of making telephone calls using your existing Internet connection may seem a bit futuristic, you probably don't realize that currently close to 80% of your "land line" calls and 100% of your cellular calls go through a VoIP phase at some point before arriving at their destination. So really, we're on the road already and have been using VoIP to some extent, everyday. Now it's time to take a step, save more of your money by switching to VoIP and take full advantage of everything an Internet connected phone system has to offer.